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Storm Chasing USA 2010
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This webpage tells you on our experiences on our StormChase in the USA Tornado Alley. Our "working area" roughly is located by Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa. Our starting point is in the middle of Tornado Alley which is Oklahoma city nearby the Storm Prediction Center in Norman. Our primary interest is, ofcource, the observation of nice severe weather such as supercell's, wall-clouds and perhaps a tornado. These phenomena can be quite dangerous so we will take utmost caution and keep out of the way of such severe storms. This time we have some special devices with us to better keep track on the storms as they develop such as a netbook connected to the internet and a gps. And... sometimes there is no severe weather so we will do some siteseeing.

Storm Chasing USA 2010 - Chicago, Illnois Storm Chasing USA 2010 - St. Louis, Missouri Storm Chasing USA 2010 - Sedan, Kansas Storm Chasing USA 2010 - Wichita, Cansas
Chicago, Illnois St. Louis, Missouri Sedan, Kansas Wichita, Kansas

Day to day events during our Stormchase and Site-Seeing tour in the USA

Information on how we chase Severe Storms in Tornado Alley (in Dutch only)

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