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Zambia, december 2011
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This webpage lets you know on my last, very short, visit to the Liuwa Plain park in Zambia. Early december 2011 two new young Lionesses were released into the park and I was honoured to be with them. It was the moment when the two young ones for the first time met Lady Liuawa and the two man. That moment was highly spectacular for all of us present. Herbert Brauer filmed the whole event so we all are in tense anticipation for another nice story around Lady Liuawa. Also Matt Becker and his crew of African Wild Dog Conservation was present to monitor the interaction between the lions. Peter Fearnhead of African Parks , Raquel Seybert and crew of Liuwa Plain National Park were present too. The Liuwa Plain national park in Zambia is one of the last remote and untouched wilderness areas of Africa.

traveling to and from
Traveling to and from Liuwa Plain
releasing two young lady's
Releasing the young Lady's into Liuwa Plain
wild Dogs and Hyena's
Wild Dogs and Hyena's in Liuwa Plain

Traveling to and from the Liuwa Plain NP
The two young lady's are beiing released into the Liuwa Plain NP
Wild Dogs and Hyena's in the Liuwa Plain NP

Liuwa Plain National Park, Wildlife Collaring & Research Program from the Matamanene Bush Camp, 26 june - 4 july 2010

Many thanks go to Karin Gerritsen of World Wildlife Fund Netherlands for inviting me
to be present with the release of the two young lionesses into the Liuwa Plain.

Lady Liuwa and the other lions in Liuwa Plain:
Liuwa Plain, wild Dogs, Hyena's and Wildebeest:

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Liuwa Plain National Park - Zambia
World Wildlife Fund - Netherlands (WNF)
1 and 2 december 2011

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