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On this page presents an overview of International Meteor Conferences (IMC's) organised by the International Meteor Organisation (IMO) from 2000 onwards. Every year meteorobservers from all over the world gather to exchange knowledge and experience on different aspects of observing meteors. Not so long ago most presentations were focused mainly on visual observations of meteors. Nowadays attention is shifted to using modern techniques such as observations by video. Also modelling of meteorstreams gain more interest by the modern meteorobserver. And last but not least the social aspect of beiing together with observers of so many country's is a delight.

IMC2012, La Palma, Canary, Spain IMC2011, Sibiu, Romania IMC2003, Bollmannsruh, Germany IMC2009, Porec, Croatia IMC2008, Šachticka, Slovakia
IMC-2012 IMC-2011 IMC-2003 IMC-2009 IMC-2008

IMC2004, Varna, Bulgaria IMC2005, Oostmalle, Belgium IMC2006, Roden, Netherlands IMC2007, Barèges, France IMC2010, Armagh, Northern Ireland
IMC-2004 IMC-2005 IMC-2006 IMC-2007 IMC-2010

International Meteor ConferencesConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2012, September 20-23, La Palma - Canary - SpainConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2011, September 15-18, Sibiu - RomaniaConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2010, September 16-19, Armagh - Northern Ireland (UK)ConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2009, September 24-27, Porec - CroatiaConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2008, September 18-21, Šachticka - SlovakiaConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2007, June 7-10, Barèges - FranceConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2006, September 14-17, Roden - the NetherlandsConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2005, September 15-18, Oostmalle - BelgiumConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2004, September 23-26, Varna - BulgariaConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2003, September 18-21, Bollmannsruh - GermanyConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2002, September 26-29, Frombork - PolandConferenceEvaluationImages
IMC 2001, September 20-23, Cerkno - SloveniaConferenceEvaluation-
IMC 2000, September 21-24, Pucioasa - Romania-EvaluationImages

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